The East Bay: Anti-Mountain Bike Stance Relegates Riders to Doubletrack

If I have ever ridden in an area that is less friendly to mountain
bikes than the East Bay, I don’t remember it. I’ve been to places where
there just isn’t any green space or hills, or there just aren’t really
any trails in those hills to ride. But neither of those is the case in
the East Bay. And it’s not like the trails that are there would
be too difficult for mountain bikes to ride–many of them looked
immaculately groomed and butter-smooth. Finally, it’s not like these
areas are even designated Wilderness or National Parks, two areas that
have been historically closed to mountain bikes

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  1. Hi Greg:

    I mountain bike around Mount Diablo. Great place. The unfortunate thing that often happens is that someone, usually an over-confidant middle-aged guy, on a mountain bike goes too fast on a trail that is off limits. By too fast, I mean that he doesn't have the balance, vision, agility and focus that is necessary to exercise the proper control. The hikers sense this. It takes just a few of these guys with over-inflated egos to make things bad for us.