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After riding the top 10 mountain bike trails in the world
as ranked by users on, I thought I’d take some time to
review my initial impressions of those trails and reflect on them based
on my perspective today.

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My road biking compatriots tell me that we have some of the best road riding on the East Coast here in Dahlonega, Georgia. Since the local mountains were once the most challenging stage in the Tour De Georgia and are now home to the popular Six Gap Ride (drawing 2,500 riders), guess I believe them. Still, when the winter makes its annual appearance, many riders who primarily roll on the pavement take to the woods… and here’s why:

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Guest post on

The word “epic” has been entirely overused in recent days, and
especially in mountain biking circles. It seems like every time I ask a
rider how his ride or the trail was, the classic response is either “It
was epic dude!” or “Man, it was so gnarly!”

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2012 has been an awesome year here on the blog, even if I do say so myself! We have published hundreds of original destination features, gear reviews, how-tos, race reports, news articles, and more. We’ve also revamped the blog design to provide a cleaner look and better interaction in the comments.

Since even my memory of what we published earlier this year gets hazy, here’s a list of just a few of the best blog posts and series that we’ve published this year:

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As many of you may know, I spent almost two months this summer
traveling the nation and riding my mountain bike. One of my main goals
when I was out west this summer was to ride any of the trails on our top 10 best mountain bike trails list that I hadn’t ridden yet.

Our list is constantly changing based on user ratings and other
factors computed by our ranking algorithm, and some of the trails I went
out of my way to ride this summer are no longer even ranked in the top
10. However, a few weeks ago I went and took another look at the list
and realized that I’ve now ridden the 10 best mountain bike trails in
the world, as ranked by!

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what my initial
impressions were of these 10 trails, a photo that I took out on the
trail (if any), and what I really think of these trails now that I can
look back on them with the clarity that retrospection provides.

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I think the reason so many San Francisco riders want to claim the Demo Forest as their own is that it is just so good! Demo Forest is home to the only legal downhill/freeride trails in the region… so if you are into pure XC riding, you’ll probably want to pass on this place.

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The massive popularity of Strava has changed the way many of us analyze data from our trail rides and has even changed how some people ride their mountain bikes. What some people don’t seem to realize, however, is that the data you collect via your Strava app can be used for much more than just proving that you’re actually the fastest rider to the top of the hill.

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It’s no secret: mountain biking can be an expensive sport at times. With the economy as rocky as it has been, it can be tough to keep up with the latest and greatest bike gear and components. Add in the fact that normally when you spend more money you get a better product, and it makes it even harder to cut back.

However, every now and then a product comes along whose quality belies its price. Enter

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In the initial “On Test” blog post I mentioned all of the
modifications that Airborne has made to v2.0 of the Goblin based on what
they learned from their experiences with v1.0. While some of these
changes were large and others were small, when added together they
equaled a very different ride out on the trail!

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