We think that 2013 has been a fantastic year here on Singletracks.com, and in particular we’ve published some awesome content here on the blog. But you know what the best part? We’ve had a ton of fun along the way!
In case you may have missed them, here are some (but not all) of the best articles that we’ve published over the past 12 months:

The 2014 Salvo Expert 29er is one of Mongoose’s latest installments in their affordable-yet-capable lineup.

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While plenty of companies make comfortable camp chairs, Kelty does it right. Featuring solid construction, and comfortable ergonomics, the Lowdown is reasonably priced and super functional. Best of all? The Lowdown features an attached bottle opener, so you never have to wonder where your camp can opener is. Kelty knows what’s up.

Sunglasses are a crucial piece of mountain biking gear, but they are guaranteed to wear out, break, or get left on top of the car over the course of time. Consider getting the rider in your life a new pair of shades. With quality shades ranging in price from $50 Tifosis or Ryders all the way up to $300+ Oakleys, you can easily spend as much as you want to spend on a gift of eyewear.

In the past I was never much of a vest person; it seemed to me that they’re only useful for a very small temperature range. And while I still think the useful temperature range for a vest is very small, after using the Hincapie Arnberg Zero Vest, I now know why vests are the right tool for the job!

My mother and brother flew into Denver International the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and as we waited for my sister to arrive on a later flight, we decided to make use of the beautiful 60+ degree Front Range weather and go for a hike! We wanted something scenic and entertaining, but not too far away, so we chose Red Rocks in Morrison.

Niner is breaking down barriers and defying conventions with their new WFO 9, as I’m sure you can tell just from my tech-focused On Review article. However, I’m sure what you’re really wondering is: “how does it actually ride, out on the trail?”