“Jack of all trades, master of none,” is the cliche that keeps coming to mind when I think about my experience with the Ibex Asta Pro. But is that a bad thing? Read on to find out!
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Years ago, IMBA’s only designation for truly excellent singletrack was the term “Epic.” Over the last several years that has slowly been changing, with new designations including “Gateway Trails,” “Flow Trails,” and “Ride Centers” being added to the vocabulary.

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With over half a million apps available for the iPhone, finding the right app for the job can sometimes be a daunting task. If you are looking for apps to help you in your studies, look no further:
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This was my second article published in The Saint. Stay tuned for more from the NGCSU student newspaper!
This essay was written for my Technical and Professional Writing class during fall semester 2011. Our assignment read:
 Genres of technical or professional writing in a selected field: In a research essay of 3 to 5 pages, describe two or three genres of writing typically encountered in your prospective profession, or in a profession that you choose to research. (Do not write about literature or about resumes, memos, or letters, and do not write about classroom genres like research papers.)
Describe the formats, audiences, purposes, and content of the genres, defining what distinguishes a successful example of each genre.
Selected professions may include law or law enforcement, business, education, medicine, or others.
When possible, supplement your essay with photocopies of actual examples or portions of examples. Document in MLA as necessary. As you prepare the essay, keep in mind you will make a presentation to the class on one or more of the genres.
I decided to write about two of the most prominent genres in the mountain bike industry: trip reports and product reviews.

As you can see, I did well and earned an A!

Photo Credit: Sydnah Swails.
The Giro Hex is a beefy lid intended for all-mountain, trail, and marathon applications. It features an in-mold EPS liner, polycarbonate shell, P.O.V.™ visor with 15 degrees of vertical adjustment, Roc Loc® 5 fit system, and 21 vents.
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As a few of you may know but many of you may not, I am currently doing an internship with Dirt Rag Magazine this semester and into the summer. So far, I've mostly been doing proofing, fact checking, and background research... but I will probably have my first article in the magazine next issue! (#162)

When you pick up issue #161 (if you haven't already), be sure to read the feature article about riding in the Swiss Alps, the Multitool Microbytes article, and the Rogue Chipotle Ale & Huy Fong Sriracha recommendos... I edited those!  ;)

It has been an honor to be able to work with such a prestigious, yet irreverent, publication. This magazine has been talking about mountain biking since 1988, which is the year I was born. Over the past 23 years they have managed to stay true to the heart of the sport, perhaps more than any other major print mountain bike publication. I've already learned a great deal, and I'm sure that there is so much more to learn... stay tuned, I'll keep you posted on how things progress!

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I recently had a new blog post published on Singletracks.com entitled "Trail Tuesday: Six Guided Multi-Day MTB Trips to Check Out."

Photo: Sacred Rides

Do you ever feel like you’re just riding in circles on your local singletrack? If so, a guided mountain bike tour in a far away place is just what you need in 2012. Aside from getting to shred new dirt, most multi-day guided trips allow you to focus on riding while leaving boring details like eating and sleeping to someone else.
There are dozens upon dozens of guided mountain bikes trips and tours available all across the planet! If you want to do a little research to find the trip that is right for you, spend some time with The Google, or just go to our mountain bike trips page.
But to whet your whistle for adventure and give you a small taste of what sort of guided mountain biking opportunities are out there, here are six dream-worthy expeditions that you could take this year.
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I’ve been dedicating more of my time lately to volunteering during trail work parties at my local trails. This blog post tells the story of our most recent work party, but also explains the why and the how behind basic trail maintenance.
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Originally written 1/11/12.

Most of the country has been suffering from a horrible snow year, but for many people this just means that the mountain biking season hasn’t come to an end yet! When I went home to visit family up in Wisconsin, I packed my skis because I was so stoked to hit the slopes during my annual winter trip. And there was snow on the slopes… but that was the only place that had snow, thanks to an artificial snow-making system.
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