I’ve been wearing the Pearl Izumi Rev shorts consistently for several months, and they have quickly become my favorite pair of bike shorts. While the exterior doesn’t feature any vents for air flow, the fabric is light enough that it still ventilates well and transfers moisture with ease.

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When you roll into the town of Downieville, California you can just feel it in the air: you have arrived at a true mountain bike destination. 
“Destination” is definitely the operative term. Located over an hour up into the mountains on winding two-lane highways from the closest interstate, Downieville isn’t a town that you pass through on the way to somewhere else. If you drive into Downieville, you’re there for a purpose!
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When we rolled into South Lake Tahoe, I was totally unprepared and had no idea what to expect. Tahoe hadn’t originally been on my to-do list, but thanks to Jeff’s recommendation and the availability of additional time to spend, we decided to stop in and see what the area had to offer. At first we were planning on heading over to Tahoe City, but after doing some looking around for hotels I settled on South Lake Tahoe (SLT) because there were many more options, cheaper rates, and because I had heard of SLT being the epicenter for downhill skiing in the region.
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Yes, I know: I desecrated mountain bike mecca by breezing in and out of Moab in just two days. Moab has enough mountain bike trails to fill a month of vacation time… and that month would have to be jam-packed with riding seven days a week, sunrise to sunset. Just look at all of the Moab trails and trail systems we have listed here on Singletracks.com–and I know we’re still missing a few!
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Having never made the pilgrimage to mountain bike mecca before, I wanted
to make the most of the short time we would be there. Going on hearsay
and a little bit of research, I realized that the one ride I absolutely
needed to do was The Whole Enchilada.
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While Salida has historically been known simply as the launch point for the Monarch Crest shuttle run, recent trail developments by the Salida Mountain Trails organization are transforming the Salida region from a one hit wonder into a true mountain bike destination.
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To start, this is a long route: 12 miles each way, with about 6,000 feet
of climbing! I began the ride by flatting twice within the first 6
miles. Since I only had one spare tube, I stopped at a trail junction to
try to patch it after my second flat. It was a serious snake bite, so
it took two patches to fix, leaving me with only two patches left in my
kit. With 18 miles still to go, I considered turning around to play it
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