This memo was written for my Technical and Professional Writing class during Fall Semester 2011.

The writing prompt reads:
In a memo of 1 to 2 pages, evaluate Document 1.1 (Markel, p. 17), according to the measures of excellence described in Markel, Ch. 1. Your memo should refer explicitly to the measures and be organized around them. Do not assume that the document is a good example of professional writing.
As you can see from the attached grading sheet, I did well, and received an A!

This assignment was dubbed "Project 0" and was written for my Technical and Professional Writing college course, which I am currently taking (Fall 2011). The writing prompt reads:
This first project will be a personal essay of 2 to 3 pages, 600-900 words, answering these questions: At this point in your life, what career do you anticipate entering and what role will writing play in it? This essay should represent your best writing in its clarity and correctness and is worth 50 points.
As you can see below, I received an "A," so I'd say I did a good job on it!

Photo by Jeff Barber
I’ve been a serious mountain biker for a little more than 6 years now. I enjoy exploring new trails, traveling the country, and pushing myself and my bike to the limit. I always try to improve my times and my technical handling skills… but somehow this continual progression has not led me to the competitive realm of mountain bike racing.
Until now.
The Baker’s Dozen 13-hour endurance race this past weekend was the first time I had ever raced my mountain bike competitively. As a serious rider just getting into the racing scene, I thought I’d write up a few random thoughts I had during my first competition (in no specific order):
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