Essay: "Trip Reports and Bike Reviews in the Mountain Bike Industry"

This essay was written for my Technical and Professional Writing class during fall semester 2011. Our assignment read:
 Genres of technical or professional writing in a selected field: In a research essay of 3 to 5 pages, describe two or three genres of writing typically encountered in your prospective profession, or in a profession that you choose to research. (Do not write about literature or about resumes, memos, or letters, and do not write about classroom genres like research papers.)
Describe the formats, audiences, purposes, and content of the genres, defining what distinguishes a successful example of each genre.
Selected professions may include law or law enforcement, business, education, medicine, or others.
When possible, supplement your essay with photocopies of actual examples or portions of examples. Document in MLA as necessary. As you prepare the essay, keep in mind you will make a presentation to the class on one or more of the genres.
I decided to write about two of the most prominent genres in the mountain bike industry: trip reports and product reviews.

As you can see, I did well and earned an A!