Visiting the Birthplace of Mountain Biking: Marin County, California

Despite Marin County’s storied history and long ties to the sport of
mountain biking, it is no longer the mecca that it once was. Back in the
late 1970s and early 1980s when the sport was born, mountain biking was
so new that no legislation existed to say one way or the other if bikes
were allowed on the trails. Back in those days, hikers viewed mountain
bikers as a novelty and an amusement, but as the sport continued to gain
traction the local land managers and hikers were quick to ban mountain
bikes from almost all of the singletrack trails in Marin County.

At present, there are only two main singletrack trails in the
entirety of Marin County that are legal to ride a mountain bike on: Camp
Tamarancho and China Camp.

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