Tripleblaze Update: New Trail System Pages, and How to Add Trails to the Database

We are pleased to announce that we are rolling out a new feature on Tripleblaze that we have been running on (Tripleblaze’s sister site) for a little over a year now with great success: trail system pages.

Have you ever been hiking at a place that has a large, interconnected network of trails, many of which have their own names, or have you ever backpacked on a long distance trail that has many distinct sections? When trying to add trails like those to the website, it can be really difficult, if not down-right impossible, to fully describe such a trail in one simple trail listing.

This is where the new trail system pages come in: with a trail system, you can start by writing a description that sums up the entire trail system or long distance trail as a whole. Then, to add more detail, you can create additional trail listings that give more specifics about each individual trail or section of trail.

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