Niterider Pro 1500 LED DIY Light Review

Daylight savings time is upon us, and with it comes progressively
more afternoon and evening sunlight. But that doesn’t mean night riding
season is over! Nope, now’s the time for dawn patrol and 24 Hour races.

And for that, you need a dependable light. I give you the Niterider Pro 1500 LED.
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  1. yeah but my SC superlight has a brake cable on the top tube and a derailler cable on the downtube - i run a downtube fendor on occasion as well. i can't see where the battery will fit well. i used to run a niterider system via bottle cage battery. any comments Greg?

    1. Can you possibly run the velcro below the cables instead of over them? Otherwise, just throw the battery in your pack and run the light on your helmet.