Editing for Dirt Rag Issue #162

I'm currently in the midst of an internship with Dirt Rag magazine, and the most recent issue (#162) showed up in my mail box a few days ago. I started reading through the magazine, but I soon realized that I had already read most of it since I had had a hand in editing most of these articles a month earlier.

While working with Dirt Rag is providing numerous opportunities for me to learn and grow, it takes some of the joy out of getting the magazine in my mail box every month. (But seeing my name in print brings that joy right back again.)

Here are all the articles that in this issue that I had a hand in editing:
  • "Simple Complex," page 22.
  • "Of Rides and Rednecks," page 30.
  • "There Are Three Types of Mud Here," page 39.
  • "Manic Mechanic," page 62.
  • "Trail Fairies, Pixie Dust, and the Recreational Trails Program," page 65.
  • "Pisgah Stage Race Diary," page 72.
  • "Builder Profiles: Waltworks," page 76.
  • "Specialty Files: 1988 Rock Lobster Single Speed," page 82.
  • "Last Chance for Gas: An Open Letter to Poison Oak," page 96.