Guest Post: "Transitioning Ski and Board Skills to the MTB Trail"

My first ever guest post on the #1 Mountain Bike Blog is entitled "Transitioning Ski and Board Skills to the MTB Trail." 

I drafted this post during a week-long ski trip with my brother in the U.P. of Michigan over spring vacation. Coincidentally, it was almost exactly a year ago. I decided to offer a unique spin on the topic of mountain bike skills, while bringing my various personal talents to the table. The result was an analysis of how skiing and snowboarding can help improve your mountain bike skills.

I have been a downhill skier and snowboarder for much longer than I have been a mountain biker. Skiing was my first love, and if I still lived somewhere with snow, I would probably still consider it my main sport! However, with my move to Georgia two years ago, I have come to focus on mountain biking.

I was able to use my experiences with all of these different sports to create a truly unique article that contains valuable information. As a result of this high quality, I was able to have more guest posts published on Singletracks in the future.

Be sure to read the full post here!

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