Guest Post: "7 Tactics for Tackling that Next Steep Hill"

Out of all the guest posts that I've written, this may be the one that I'm the most proud of.

I took great care crafting the thesis, title, main points, and body of this post. The title uses several key techniques to make it attractive such as 1) A numbered list 2) The strong word of "Tactics" and 3) It relates immediately to the reader by referring to "the next steep hill" that they will encounter.

As I wrote on,
The tactics covered in this article don't really address the mental state that you have to assume to be a competent climber, but rather focus on the tangible, technical skills necessary for defeating those nasty-steep hills.  

The specific tactics covered are: 

  1. Don't wait to shift.
  2. Shift all the way down.
  3. Choose the right line
  4. Keep your butt in the saddle.
  5. Maintain a smooth, circular pedal stroke.
  6. Remember to breathe, and keep loose.
  7. "Row the boat."
"Rowing the boat" is the main point of the article, and I dive into a detailed description of how to do it in order to maintain rear wheel traction.
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