Guest Post: "Jumping on the Jackrabbit Trails in North Carolina"

For my second guest post on, I decided to try to find an exclusive story that no one else had really uncovered yet. The Jackrabbit Trail System in North Carolina afforded me that opportunity.

I had heard a number of rave reviews of the Jackrabbit trails via word of mouth, but the listing on Singletracks was very sparse, and ultimately, incomplete. This was the perfect opportunity to travel to a new location, explore a trail, and write an in-depth review of those trails complete with photos and pictures. I had been working on perfecting my trail review formula as I wrote my "trail review series" for Greg Rides Trails. Now, instead of simply reviewing known favorites, I would actually be reviewing something relatively new and exciting!

One of the key ingredients in this post was an inside scoop that I received as a result of a conversation on the trail. While we were riding, we met some folks at an intersection that happened to be the people who created the concept governing these trails and then became the driving force behind their creation. As a result of our conversation, I was able to take a very unique angle on the review.

I took my time crafting the post, and it was well received both on Singletracks and on my own blog where I linked to the original. This guest post was definitely a success!

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