The Saint Staff Shares Favorite Restaurants

I contributed to an article recently published in The Saint that's titled "The Saint Staff Shares Favorite Restaurants." My contribution was about Shenanigans, and it reads:

Greg Heil: My formula for a perfect restaurant is simple: It needs to have delicious high-quality hamburgers that are grilled to perfection (not overdone), a wide enough selection of food that there’s something for everyone, the option of purchasing a really nice steak, a wide selection of tasty beers that are tough to find anywhere else in town, and a unique atmosphere that shuns the chain-restaurant feeling and portrays a character all its own.
Oh yes, and all of this needs to come at a reasonable price. Maybe that’s not so simple after all.
In my opinion, the only restaurant in Dahlonega that truly satisfies the criteria is Shenanigans. With a unique menu, well-stocked bar, a colorful dollar-bill-covered interior, an inviting atmosphere and personnel, and what may be the third or second-best burger I’ve ever eaten, Shenanigans has it going on. If you go to school at North Georgia, live in Dahlonega or are just passing through town, and you haven’t eaten at Shenanigans yet, you owe it to yourself to pay them a visit.