Essay: Why People Risk it All Just to Climb

Out of all the essays that I have ever written, I may be the most proud of this one. Written back in October of 2009 for my 1100 composition course, this is an essay that fulfills the basic requirements laid out by the professor, but also goes deep philosophically and analyzes the very condition of humanity.

This essay adequately fleshes out all of the thoughts I wanted to include, yet it is still brief. I included captivating images and gripping sentences, yet the it is still concise and pointed. I really do believe this may be one of the best essays I have ever written, and my grade actually reflects that.

If you scroll down to the last page of the text, you'll see that I actually received a 100 on this essay! I don't think I've received a perfect score on an essay before or since, and my professor even mentioned that he never gives out 100's.

Here are the comments he wrote at the end of the essay:
I think you are wise enough to get to the core of why people climb: the desire to get to the top, to be on top, to rise above it all--excellent essay! Best essay I have ever read on this topic! I can tell you are a climber. 100. I never give 100's!
Yes, I'm a climber. That probably helped me to dominate this essay, and to enjoy the time that I spent crafting it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it: