Freewriting to Clean My Head Out

I am having a hard time coalescing my thoughts into a useful form. Writing isn’t always something that you can just force… sometimes the perfect article or story needs to be coaxed out and nurtured over time. You (or at least, I) can’t always just sit down at the computer and bang out what I need to write. Well, and then there are other times I can.

It’s all about the inspiration, the timing, and the mood.

I wonder what it’s like to write as a full time profession? Do you have to just write no matter how you’re feeling, no matter how inspired you are? What happens when the infamous “writer’s block” rears its head?

I think exercises such as this—free writing and thought association—can be great ways to remedy that issue. It helps me at least to expel other thoughts in my head that are getting in the way of me writing the post that I want to write.