The Words Don't Seem to Flow

I have been busy lately. Very, very busy. I could go into detail about all of the things that I've been doing, but please take it on faith that I am overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Writing and blogging are sometimes responsibilities, but usually I want to write. The problem is, writing isn't paying the bills... yet.

So my writing time has been greatly diminished. I've found some time to squeeze in a little typing at the keyboard here and there, but it feels like whenever I sit down to write, the words just won't come. At least, the flow of words doesn't come before I have to get up and go on to something else.

As a result of my decrease in writing, I am finding it harder to write. I have so many ideas pounding through my head that need to be developed, yet whenever I sit down and try to do so my fingers fail me. They don't hit the right keys... they don't hit any keys.

Oh, I have managed to put a few words together here and there. I'm keeping a small stream of content going on Greg Rides Trails, and have published a few new posts on Cranial Collision. The blogs are still rolling along quite well, but I have just not been having a good writing vibe.

Only about 7 more weeks to go this semester...