Burnout, or a Lack of Caffeine?

Burnout. Photo from here.
I want to write, I really do... It's just that I can't seem to put anything down with any meaning.  I'm getting sick of it--sick of writing.  Maybe I can't be a writer after all.

AH, who knows? The question of vocation is incredibly overwhelming!  Why can't it just be easy: "I'm good at this, I could do this all day long so this is what I'll do"? But it's not like that.

What I love about writing is the inherent creativity, the sculpting of something special that people will read and enjoy.

What I hate about writing is the inherent creativity, and the days when it feels like the creative drive just isn't there.

Perhaps I am just burning myself out.  I tend to load myself down with expectations: school, work, staying physically fit by getting enough time on my mountain bike, volunteering with the youth, and the constant strain of writing blog post after blog post.  Not only am I striving to keep up my main blog, but I'm trying to develop this career-focused blog and another brand-new blog project on top of that.

There is a ton of pressure when you write.  There's pressure to consistently turn out creative content, and to have that content be highly polished, entertaining and informative, and thereby being engaging.  What happens when the quality slips? What happens when a post or an article just isn't as awesome as what I regularly write? Will my small piece of the internet come crashing down around me?

Burn out.  Not enough sleep... and that's my fault. Relaxing and rejuvenating is not my strong point. Every since I was a kid, I would push myself endlessly until finally I'd just break down and have to spend 3-4 days doing nothing to recuperate.  That is not a healthy cycle, and I need to break it... but breaking a habit is so hard!

I'm burning out... so this blog is going live without anything but a spell check.

Or maybe I just need more caffeine in the mornings....


  1. LOL you not alone buddy. I am no way trying to be a pro writer but it is something I do enjoy doing, like you, for the creativity of it. Ive been told by a few freinds that some of my stuff is pretty good, a lot of it doesn’t get any feedback at all, oh well. I have found my writing parallels my life quite a bit, when Im doing things or traveling and am inspired by new places or experiences my writing reflect that excitement. When Im stationary and just going through the motions of an everyday routine, my writing greatly reflects the lack of any real excitement. But then there is the time restraints- when Im busy I don’t have time to write, that’s one of the reasons I take so many photos, it helps me go back and re-live and event so I can write it down later.
    You got a lot going on, just write when you can, it will come to you.
    And coffee is like, almost mandatory in my book.

  2. Thanks for the support, Dan. I think I'm getting better at what you said: just taking a break when the words aren't flowing.

    But there are those times when you've just got to get that 10 page paper done... seems to me that if I'm writing regularly on other things, switching gears and working on an essay is easier.

    Interesting thought about photos and writing later... I'd never thought of approaching writing in that way before... I could definitely see how that could be useful, I'll have to try it!