Breaking Down and Taking a Break

I felt like I was burning out, but over this Thanksgiving vacation I have allowed myself a chance to completely take a break from work and life--and it has felt amazing!

As I've taken this break, I've given myself the freedom to not have to do anything. I've spent some awesome quality time with my extended family, eaten a ton of great food, watched a lot of TV, and... spent hours playing video games!

It has been years since I have spent any serious time playing video games, and the break from reality and all of it's demands was seriously welcome!  I found that after a day or two of destressing and unwinding I was already prepared to jump back into doing homework and some writing. I've been able to turn out about 3-5 blog posts and rough out an essay for my grammar class over the most recent two days.

See: there is something to be said for resting and re-energizing. Just today I read an article on The Resurgence  emphasizing the importance of scriptural rest. I know this command and know why it's true, but as I look back over the past few months, I've realized that I really haven't ever taken a full day off and just relaxed. I always seem to cram something into my free time. If I'm not working my day job, in class, or doing homework, I try to do some blogging. I'm constantly squeezing in some first draft writing, editing, polishing, publicizing, et. all.

From here on out, I'm going to try to consciously take one day per week to de-stress, relax, and refuel for the coming week. By doing so, I anticipate that my overall productivity will increase: a win-win!