Being a Writer Requires Much More than Just Writing

My brother and I are currently working together to launch what will hopefully be an amazingly insightful and useful blog project.  Naturally, I want to continually increase the quality of my writing and blogging, and as such I decided to make the design for this new blog the best one I've put together yet.

At first, that sounded like a great idea.  Obviously, I'd purchase a unique domain name, but I decided to also hire a designer to create a custom logo specifically for the new website so that we could brand it well. Just getting that ball rolling was a difficult task in its own right.

I jumped into my day today with the intension of figuring out what template I was going to use for the blog.... and it has been quite an undertaking which is nowhere near finished.  I stumbled across a website offering high-quality blogger templates for sale, which in my experience is pretty rare. (Everyone is so Wordpress-centric.) I sifted through the available templates, selected four I liked, contacted my brother, took his input, bought a template, and started to install it.  Simply installing the template was a feat, and now getting it to work correctly is turning into a much more challenging task than I had anticipated.  With this template I was hoping for a little more plug-and-play attitude coupled with ample customizability, (Is that not a word? It should be.) but that turned out to not exactly be the case.

Hopefully with enough tweaking/wrenching everything will work out properly, but the fact of the matter is that to be a writer one has to be good at a whole lot more than just writing. As you can see from my experiences today, blogging definitely requires the writer to develop an arsenal of skills that he may never have known he'd need. I'm sure this is true for many other types of writing as well. Useful skills that easily come to mind include marketing, networking, budgeting, graphic/visual design, business management, accounting/finance... the list could go on and on.

It would be impossible to do all of those tasks with true excellence, which is why at times the successful writer needs to hire other people.  I hired a graphic designer for my new website logo, because I know that I'm really a hack when compared to someone with true Photoshop talent.

As a writer, know that you're going to need to do way more than just write.  And know that it is O.K. to get other people to help you out!